• Launchpad 2007 Bands

Results from June 23 Finals Competition at Wisconsin Union Theater:

Winner: Alakrity (Beloit Memorial High School) pictured above

Alternate: Mosquito Hollow (Cedarburg High School)

Band Selected for Vans Warped Tour: Unsung Hero (Wausau West High School)


March 23, 2007 April 13, 2007

Green Bay regional (Neenah HS)

  • Livewell (New London HS)
  • Shrume (Neenah HS)
  • The 10 Eyed Twolips (Wild Rose HS)
  • Semi to St Paul (Bay Port HS)
  • Animal Cannon (Sturgeon Bay HS)
  • Understructure (Wabeno HS)
  • Illuminati (Wausau West HS)
  • Surreal Effect (Fond du Lac HS)
  • A Corner Mislaid (Homestead, Nicolet, Brookfield East HS)
  • Union Jack (Kettle Moraine HS, Waukesha West HS)
  • Thoroughfare (Neenah HS)
  • Access Denied (New Berlin HS)
  • Dance Billy Dance (Appleton Xavier, East, West HS)
  • Ian Olvera Band (West De Pere, Preble HS)


Alternate: Thoroughfare

Finalist: Union Jack

Finalist: Surreal Effect

Finalist: Ian Olvera Band

Eau Claire regional (Chippewa Falls HS)

  • Arts and Crafts (Chetek HS)
  • Living Hiatus (Cumberland HS)
  • B S Express (Chetek HS)
  • The Flipside (Gilman, Cornell & Flambeau HS)
  • Trees on the Moon (Cumberland HS)
  • A More Likeable Companion (Antigo HS)
  • Tantalus (Sparta HS)
  • The Shiz (Onalaska HS)
  • White Line Killers (Spencer HS)
  • Smooth Tool (Park Falls HS)
  • Alien! Eeghz! (Ashland HS)
  • Bare Bottom Madness (Gibraltar HS)
  • Unsung Hero (Wausau West HS)
  • Emulate (Ashland HS)
  • Nodyne (Holmen HS)




Alternate: A More Likeable Companion

Finalist: Trees on the Moon

Finalist: Unsung Hero

Finalist: Emulate

April 13, 2007 April 20, 2007

Madison Regional (Stoughton HS)

  • The Von Trapps (Madison West HS)
  • The Royal Messengers (Middleton, Waunakee HS)
  • Fragile Utopia (Middleton HS)
  • Roulette Notations (Madison Memorial HS)
  • Alton Kelly (Madison Edgewood, Middleton HS)
  • Cockney Americans (North Crawford HS)
  • Victims of Society (Poynette HS)
  • PhaZe 2 (Sun Prairie HS)
  • The Last Few (Madison Edgewood, Ashwaubenon HS)
  • The Sidetract Band (Cuba City HS)
  • Oncore (Madison LaFollette HS)
  • Exmoor (Milton HS)
  • The KidzZ (Madison West HS)
  • Unofficial (Gibraltar HS)
  • Alakrity (Beloit HS)



Alternate: Unofficial

Finalist: Alton Kelly

Finalist: Exmoor

Finalist: Alakrity

Milwaukee Regional (Wauwatosa East HS)

  • The Adventures of Blackbeard (Wauwatosa East HS)
  • Town Line (Mukwonago HS)
  • Slacker Friday So Long (Milwaukee Pius XI)
  • The Ultimate Clyde (Milwaukee Pius XI, Marquette University HS)
  • FADS (Milwaukee Lutheran HS)
  • Add Vanden (Brookfield East HS)
  • Apples Montgomery (Wauwatosa East HS)
  • The Roves (Milwaukee High School of the Arts, Rufus King HS)
  • The Andreas (Germantown, Homestead HS)
  • Mosquito Hollow Trio (Cedarburg HS)
  • Undying Allegiance (Waukesha West, South, Home School)
  • In the Park (Muskego HS)
  • Great White Mastodon (Wauwatosa East, West HS)
  • Gabriel Hunter (Milwaukee Lutheran, Rufus King, Germantown, Greenfield HS)
  • VIXX (Kenosha Unified)


Alternate: Undying Allegiance

Finalist: Mosquito Hollow Trio

Finalist: The Roves

Finalist: Great White Mastodon